Livestream Lessons


Parkland International Music Academy is proud to offer interactive virtual classes to take the joy of music beyond the classroom and into your home. Through our online platform  called Go To Meeting,  families will be able to learn,  play music,  and communicate with their teacher for a truly interactive and engaging experience. The app allows you to continue fostering your child's love of music and community!

How it Works

First things first, call the academy to schedule your class and get an ID Number. The ID Number will let you access the live online lesson. After, go to your tablet or smart phone and download the app called Go to Meeting. Then the day of your class just put in your ID Number and Done! That simple. We record all online lessons, and with the emailed note you recieve of every class, you will find a link of your recorded class so you can view your lesson as many times as you want. And the best part about online lessons is, if you already are taking non-online classes, you can keep the same teacher, day, and time as your regular lesson. So call us and schedule your lesson today.



A quick video explaining how to download the Go To Meeting app, and how to start the live online lesson 

Livestream Lesson Links